Blockchain - Bringing Back Accountability

Yesterday I took A 3hrs trip via public transportation and it was one stressful journey. The bus itself wasn't comfortable, the relief came through only when we made stops for verifications before proceeding. Last time I went on such a trip, literally everyone on the bus had to verify his identity on various occasions. The current system is obviously still limited, stressful for the most of it.


The one thing I love the world for is its ability to keep adjusting to newer technologies, embracing new ways of living. The world with blockchain technology can only stand a huge difference. With digital identities, the world could function a lot better, we get to go through stressful verification processes daily because of a humanly operated system that's prone to numerous errors. The Blockchain is an open source ledger, it creates room for storing data on a network immune to compromises.

The government is busy going after cryptocurrency, failing to realize the potential of the network it runs with. They propose security but fail to realize that blockchain makes it easier to have an oversight on data. If the authorities were smart enough, there are ways to capitalize on the network looking at its technology benefits, creating a copycat version isn't actually the best option and definitely going full Crackdown is the worst mistake they could ever make. The banking sector is day after day facing one system failure and the other, millions are being stolen from investors' accounts and there's no accountability for it?


Blockchain - Bringing Back Accountability

One of the biggest merits of living in a world running with blockchain technology is "accountability" ; the current economy lacks it on several grounds; this flaw opens room for numerous fraudulent activities. But with crypto and blockchain technology, there's a better ground built for financial security and all accountability. One of the greatest things I'm becoming used to is storing important information on the blockchain. Sometimes I hide them within articles and where my mind tells me to, not that "hiding" is the case but the ability to reflect back on them is the sole reason.

Decentralization has been one of the most spoken of word in crypto space, but the truth remains that "decentralized operations" has ever existed in certain sectors, it's just a simple means of distributing power to unbiased communities, but staying "accountable" to those community operations has been forever lacked. This is what blockchain technology brings solutions to. The future moving into Digitalization requires blockchain technology to meet its full potential. Businesses will be better runned with it, government documentation will be better done with it, finance and economic developments can only embrace better forms with it. The world will only move into a reburse environment when this is given room to take over the entire sector.

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