Beautiful Pain - The Aftermath...



Did you get a chance to read this? Well, this is pretty much to back that publication by taking a lil walk around the after event of the bloodbath.

Ever heard that what goes around comes around? Everyone definitely gets a share of the pie, it is what it is. The chart above is showing the price movement of Shiba inu, a cryptocurrency with no real time development, nor perceived implementations. This is the shit-son of the king of shitcoins, doge. It has outperformed doge coin so far, but that only, should have been expected, I mean a child is supposed to be a better version of the father, he's the offspring right?

I know some people might say that some gains were observed after my previous post, well, I made that post at the beginning of the pump and it kept going, so I guess it weren't no Asians on this one, or probably the rich heads had a day off from work, so there you go, more than 70% up… actually, nearly a 100%... That said, anybody could have easily had his share of the free money, but let's not forget that anyone too, could have contributed his money for the celebration, like the guy that bought the top, his money has been distributed to others already, he's such a generous man…

Should You Be Worried About The Rise And Fall Of Shitcoins?

-If You Got Your Balls In There or No

Someone saw the top spot and thought, what a great entry zone ahead of 1$ Shiba, well, that didn't play out nicely, but who knows, maybe in a couple of hours, or days, or weeks, or months or years, it might :) but for now, that Fiat sum is going null, and all that is left is the crypto bag, and his balls in it, yikes…


Crazy Volumes - Mass Liquidations

Two memecoins wrecking peeps on a daily, never have Shiba seen such volume and never have perpetual traders lose so much on it, a total of $32.39M has been wiped out and that's only based on eliminated positions, peeps holding bags while still on loss ain't counted, what more proof?

I know some people may feel like I talk too much, but bro, you ain't gotta take this as financial advice, I mean after all, there's risks involved in getting rich, but one gotta know when greed is working because at that point, it ain't risk but stupidity.


Shall we talk bitcoin a bit?

We ain't in any volatile market tf, this shit has got me a lot in the past, this phase just keeps shaking all the weak hands off, it's only the market effect to have better traders/investors in positions, it's a must to eliminate bearish players, as far as I know, this is what it is…

Wanna know if you hold paper or GOLD?

steady scarcity


You just gotta love all this informations.

Bitcoin is no way near the top, so far, the chances of going up outweighs that of going down. According to onchain data Bitcoin on exchanges are becoming fewer by the day, a 21 million supply asset only having a little above 1.73 million on exchanges is a bullish shit dawg. On the 60 days metrics, we only 3.76% volatile, on 30 days, we only 3.55% volatile, that's another decreasing figure that hints at its bullish future, and I feel like this is just tomorrow's event but lots of people have already lost their positions, sad shit.

Nah, I wanna wrap this up here, saving the rest for another rant, this is for my bagholders, ha.

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But for the moment, I am riding the Shitba Wave, bit only using dust off my accounts on

I'm in profit. I'm anticipating Shitba being added to Robbing Hood App and then we'll reassess the situation