Bitcoin price is about to cross $ 50k mark.


Greetings friends!

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This is my first post after so many days since I lost my mother. It was a tough time for me and I am still unable to get out of trauma of this sudden mishappening in my life.

I could not get knowledge about the outer world. When I saw the price of BTC, it was about to cross $ 500000/BTC. When price of Bitcoin was about $20000 during the end of year 2017 and in the start of 2018, it declined to much extent since reaching after all time high. All other cryptos followed Bitcoin and that period was the peak time for cryptos when it was considered as hot cakes.

After this great season, there had been ups and downs in the price of cryptos. It was thought after that cryptos will never be able to repeat its success when it had been during the period mentioned above. Now, everything has changed. BTC price is about to cross $ 50k mark. This is the unimaginable price for it. We don't know how far will it go but, definitly the peak time of cryptos has not come yet. It will appreciate in the future and will be able to replace fiats in the future.

Thank you for reading.