The watery alphabet of the clouds comes to sing upon the roof


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Sign of falling:
"Each raindrop is the drop that kissed your skin in those days that we were together, me and you, my baby boy. Each one is the same because they sing of these such treasured memories, of the comforting love that remains and the hopes I hold for your future. And so, I love the rain better than photographs, for each one is a perfect moment.''

"Give me the rain in those flashing sheets of cold droplets and I'll show you how the world breathes into those ready to live. Show me how the rain traces sweet paths on your skin and I'll give you a way to feel more alive than any manmade high ever could. So as the clouds gather I feel my soul stir, the air electrified as it anticipates the quenching storm."

A Rainy Day rainy day is remarkable for some special features. It is a day of continuous rainfall. The entire sky is overcast A with a cloud. The atmosphere is dull and gloomy. Because of incessant rain, many places go underwater and life loses movement. Ponds overflow and yards and roads become muddy and slippery. It becomes almost impossible to walk. Then communication becomes difficult. Especially the transportation system is disrupted in the rural areas. If anyone feels it essential to go out, he has to carry an umbrella to keep over his head. But there are many things that people enjoy on a rainy day. As the day is quite wet, it is usually cold enough to stay and pass time at home gossiping and playing around indoor games. Often a family sits together and gossip for long and enjoy various fast food including “Muri”, Chanachur” etc. Many like to play cards. Children especially girls like to play carom in cheers and excitements. Sometimes children, especially boys play football in the rainwater in the nearby fields which is much exciting to them. On a rainy day, the most common dish that people like most is a hotchpotch. It becomes more delicious if there is any Hilsa fish. People often arrange this dish especially if the rainfall continues more than one day. However, there are some demerits on a rainy day. The poor day-laborer falls in real trouble. They cannot go out for work for earning. So if they do not have any stock, they have to starve. So a rainy day is mostly problematic though it is beautiful to observe from inside the room.

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