Picture Prompt - The Plights of The Girl-Child

In this part of our world where various atrocities are being committed against the girl child by mostly those of the masculine gender who wouldn't accept those of the feminine gender as their equal. Always wanting to be in control, plus that devilish feeling of entitlement, the bizarre thought that a girl-child couldn't possibly be more or achieve more than their current status. And the society we live in even makes things worse, as culture and traditions in place has somehow subjected most of the girl-child to some kind of bondage where they couldn't possibly break free.

Having been subjected to constant abuse, they experience crushed egos and then everything they do henceforth is from a low self-esteem standpoint. Even though the world has advanced greatly, and even though we have many of feminine gender having ground-breaking achievements, especially from the western world, however, every point highlighted in the lines of poetry below are what we experience on a daily in this part of the world. While so many countries in the world are moving at a very fast pace, the same can't be said about Nigeria. We seem backward in almost everything that matter. And what's sad is, so many people don't see anything wrong in this despicable acts. When they don't see any wrong, how can there be any improvements?

I like to put my philosophical thoughts in writing, and I could have drawn my muse from so many other stuffs, but what I see on a daily pertaining to the girl-child is disturbing. Even stories posted unto the internet on a daily about them are soul crushing and heart wrenching. They are often disadvantaged, and only a few are doing something about it. I believe I am also doing something about it as this poetry is strictly my own way of voicing my thoughts on wrongs in our dear society. I believe this piece would help raise some awareness in its own little way.

I tried to put myself in their shoes, see things through their eyes. So, I hope I did justice to the imageries painted though!


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I'm the voice no one listens to
brooding in the dark,
sobbing silently,
wishing a fall for the night,
tears are cold weather,
causing the mind to seek asylum,
and never enough,
we are loose ends that needs fix,
a piece of the puzzle but small
fragment of a larger whole ,
society decides what future for us,
kitchen is where we belong,
tainted destiny, a clawed future
being feminine must be a curse.

15 shades of enigma,
enslaved by that which binds us,
pulled apart like conflicting chords
that render the heart sad feelings,
bruised ego, scars too intense to heal
echoes of "not good enough" reverberates,
an awakening
into a reality of sundered light,
the agony of an agonizing turtle
lies in its confinement,
this fall or next summer,
maybe the yoke shall break,
perhaps the young bride shall smile again
when a coupon, young and tender, flower blooms
11yrs ripe for engagement,
pay bride price, coins in a thousand pocket.

Victims of circumvented ignorance
ignoramus in every right
society speaks us less, insignificant
but we don't speak back,
ours is not a voice to be heard,
on nature's scale, an imbalance
and masculinity rules it all
let me loose, give me freedom,
ocean of a thousand droplet falls,
pride is what we don't have, we're
deprived of that long ago,
luxury is what we can't afford,
in society's frame,
we're nothing but child-making
machine, ordained,
second to none when kitchen calls.

A deep vast hole it left inside,
we're recipients of opaque ambitions,
we're cries from a wounded lion,
whimpers from an unfortunate tree,
to be fallen, axe could tell the tale
in the end, when appreciation depreciates
liabilities we become,
like a weary sun, like the moon's reflection
vague, and unsure
no possibility of shinning again
a time is coming, and stars will no longer twinkle
but before then,
teach me to grow, let me be me
send me not on a course I'd rather not plow,
men dream, and so does women
treat us humane, and not like cows you keep.

I'm that voice never to be heard
indigene of biased upbringing,
a cruel world where ignorance triumphs
male children means more,
we're like missed call in phone's log
never to be tended to unless it pleases,
sold into unconsented marriages,
from birth, we're products of a failed system
where rights are wrong,
and wrongs has solid backing from constitutions
no protection whatsoever,
or simply not enough, or are we not enough?
tell me, and I'd plead my case
lay it plain in a law court,
where the justice system
is neither flawed nor corrupt
I'm tears from within, and in need of freedom
subject us to unconditional flow.

Written and Re-edited
By @aduragbemi
Erinkitola A. Aduragbemi
16th May, 2021.



It's unbelievable what the girl child goes through. I feel we are unsafe in this world. We are now preys, it's sad.
We have to constantly hide under the shadow of the make gender.
All we actually want is for our voices to be heard. We are tired of the silent tears.
We need help.
Our young girls shouldn't be brides of older men.


What a sad reality most people live in.

Thanks @fayour for taking time to read through and commenting. It means a lot!