Game On (II) - The Conclusion


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Suddenly there was momentary silence. Mark was however already in a strategic position of the kitchen entrance. He signaled for Nathan to pass him the mop stick that was in a corner, right behind him. Nathan did as he was told even though he wasn’t comfortable with Mark giving him directives just like the high-ups in the military would do to common soldiers.

“Safety comes first,” he thought within.

Mark’s back was double bent now, and from Nathan’s position, it looked exactly like he was crawling, except that he wasn’t.

Nathan was finding it rather difficult not to blink twice fast the norm. It was on one of such moment that Mark had disappeared into the dimly lit kitchen. Nathan in his jittery state attempted to trail behind but he flopped. His hands betrayed him by setting off the alarm when he leaned against the wall adjacent to the kitchen entrance. Mark retraced his steps until he came face to face with Nathan.

“Not again buddy!”

“You’ve always managed to ruin everything when I am this close to achieving something,” Mark gestured with a shaped hand that visibly suggest- very close.

“I’m sorry,” Nathan said sounding genuinely sorry.

“You’re sorry? You’re damn unbelievable!”

“This is game over for us,” Mark whispered.

“Game over,” he repeated letting out a disappointing breath.

The whole point of the mission suddenly began to disgust him, he lost interest as he wasn’t able to replicate what he mastered in the course of playing the bloodhunter game series.

Suddenly a sketchy figure appeared from behind Mark, and Nathan in a jumpstart shrieked as if he was beholding a ghost in one of those horrific scenes. Nathan was real scared and pointing at the figure that had appeared too close to Mark now.

“Mark, behind you!”

Mark took a quick gaze in the direction he was told to look and was about returning it speedily before it finally dawned on him. He made a move with the mop stick that was firmly stuck to his right hand.

“Calm guys!” The unknown figure shouted.

There was a trace of fear in his voice, though it sounded familiar.


It was so close.

It would have been a disaster for whoever was at the receiving end of Mark’s mopping stick.

At last, it was kelvin- the new guy who promised them earlier on that he would come over to spend the night. It was supposed to be a game night for the trio, but how come they totally forgot they were expecting kelvin?

And even so, why was kelvin’s entry through the kitchen window? Was he trying to make an impression? Like a grand entry?

None of these questions posed as a bother to Mark and Nathan. Their game spirit had peaked and every other thing in their path were just distractions.

“I told you…It’s not yet game over,” Nathan mouthed juicily.

“Yeah! Game on,” Mark and kelvin responded.