All There Is...


Image is from Pixabay

If there's a place for me,
is there a place for me?
away from these chaotic projections
in my mind.

If there's a life for me
is there a life for me?
that I'd live for a century and still
be proud of who I've become.

If there's some happiness for me,
are they really for me?
then I'd laugh, jolly in the moments
but how long can I, must I, should I
before life surprises, because it will.

If there's love for me,
is there a love for me?
that I'd stake all and lose none
that I'd make a move and not
be thrown under the bus,
because love at its finest
is complex and messy.

If there's friendship for me,
is there a genuine one for me?
loyalty reciprocated, no betrayals!
that you'd pick me up when I trip
and fall,
that you'd stand by me on sick-bed
till I am no more.

If there's a spot for me,
is there any spot for me?
I'd hope that maybe someday
I'd fit in, for the sake of
belongingness, or not,
if that alone gives clarity,
then societal standards
are clearly not for me.

If there's greatness waiting on me
does it look great on me?
walking in the steps of my predecessors
just the hunger had died,
and I drown repeatedly
in the pools of my anxiety, where
I thirst no more,
iconic or ironic?

If there's a beast in me
are there any beast left in me?
even Mt. Average is a climb
outrageously beyond reach,
but I should reach for the peak,
make a play for the gold
like some genius did,
milestone upon milestone,
except there's no spark
left to push even further,
just some lucid dreams,
who am I when I am not
a visionary or illusionist?

If there's any creativity left in me
was there ever a time I got creative?
times when muse did the talking
while projecting onto
you raw feelings,
I will lavish all that's left crafting epics
and well polished poetries,
if there's a part of me left after
this much sacrificial writing,
if there is,
I strongly doubt there will be,
but there certainly was,
now all gone with the times.

Written and Edited
By @aduragbemi
Erinkitola Aduragbemi

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you are pushed to the very extreme corner and you just can't help but question the ingenuity of everything. I mean, everything!

This poetry pose like many question that erupts along the journey to finding oneself, exploring identities, stripping gestures to the most fundamental of their truth.

Some of the questions raised seemed valid and tend to refer to issues of concern in our modern day society. This poetry in particular, explore and exploit pain as some beautiful elements, some part of the great grand design we can't seem to shake off. Then it emphasizes acceptance like it automatically brings solution to the question raised over time.