My Actifit Report Card: September 17 2023

Today's activity I play drums at my church. You must be curious why I chose the drum instrument.

At the beginning of my musical journey, I took piano lessons because my sister also played the piano when we were 12 years old and I was 14 years old.
At first I tried taking lessons with my sister to learn how to play the piano, but after 1 year of studying I felt there was no progress in myself regarding music. Finally I decided to try another musical instrument, what I tried was the drum. After only 3 months of drum lessons, I can already learn the basics of playing drums. If you want to learn the basics of playing drums, you can see the steps below. First we have to get to know the parts of the drum before practicing further, you have to be familiar with the parts of the drum instrument. If you don't know, you don't love, right? Get to know all the parts and start playing the drums.

There are many types of 'Tom-Tom Drums', but three are the most common
The three types of Tom-tom are Floor Tom which produces the lowest sound of the three tom-toms, Mid-Tom produces the middle sound of the three tom-toms and High-Tom produces the highest sound of the three tom-toms.

In a basic drum kit there is only a floor tom. In a complete drum kit there are many tom-toms. Each tom-tom is tuned differently to produce a different array of sounds to be played.

Snare Drums
The snare drum is usually located on the drummer's non-dominant side and is hit with a stick in the non-dominant hand as well.

The snare is a tight drum and produces a bright sound accompanied by a resonant beat from the drum.

Bass Drums
The bass drum produces a low-pitched thumping sound when hit with a foot-controlled instrument.

Hi-hat type cymbals are a pair of cymbals that are attached to the foot pedals. The foot pedal is used to control the cymbals and is usually played with the left foot.

When pressed, the cymbals will blend together. When not pressed, the cymbals will separate.

You can hit the cymbals when they come together or apart and you can hit the cymbals with your feet at different speeds. Each will produce a different sound.

Ride cymbals
This cymbal produces a smoother and deeper sound compared to other types of cymbals. This is because this cymbal is played repeatedly in many songs.

These cymbals usually vibrate when hit until they are hit again, producing a long “finish” of sound vibrations.

Splash cymbals are cymbals that produce a "plunging" sound, similar to the sound of plunging into water. The sound fades quickly and is usually used as an addition to the basic sound in your beat.

Cymbal crash is similar to a splash, but produces a loud, long continuous sound. Listen to the crash at the end of a pop song or an art drama with orchestral music during a tense atmosphere.

If you already know drum parts, you can see examples on YouTube to start practicing drums. Don't hesitate to ask me, I'm ready to answer all your questions. cheer up and good luck!
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