My Actifit Report Card: September 16 2023

Hello actifit, I will tell you about the benefits I felt after 5 months of gym. Fit Body, Fairly Bright and Sleep Soundly.

I am 28 years old. When I was 20, I used to go to the gym but stopped after a year. because of my large body, I get tired very easily. now GYM training 5 times a week with a duration of 2 hours. How come it takes hours? Yes because I train all the muscles. When you're in the gym for 2 hours it doesn't feel like it.

I really like going to the gym because I am an introvert who doesn't really like socializing. Other sports such as football, basketball or badminton require more effort, like making an appointment with friends. Sometimes there are those who can attend, sometimes there are those who can't. So you depend too much on other people. Sometimes after training together we like to hang out together. It's not a problem, but sometimes when my introversion relapses, it feels better to just go home and rest.

Luckily the gym doesn't need anyone else. We just have to go to the gym without needing to depend on other people. Even though I'm an introvert at the gym, I sometimes like to chat between sets. Usually fellow members share tips and tricks.

I also often encourage skinny teenagers who are just starting to go to the gym. Reminds me of when I was 20 years old in college. At that time my body was fat. At that time I read a success story about a young man, a fat 20-year-old college kid who succeeded in building his body to be athletic and proportional.

The method is to go to the gym and eat once a day. I followed that simple method. Eat 1 time (at noon. Normal amount of rice, but there must be side dishes that contain protein. The first three months the muscle effects start to take shape. Chest, biceps, triceps, back muscles, leg muscles, buttocks muscles, thigh muscles and leg muscles. Everything starts After this, just keep training so that the muscles get bigger.

The biggest effect is that the body becomes proportional. The appearance of muscles makes you more manly and masculine. This is what I love most about the gym. Body becomes good. The gym is a sport that can easily shape your body. The effects of exercise are truly visible.

The next effect I got was that my body felt very fit. Working from morning and continuing overtime, my body remains strong. If you are sleepy at night, as soon as you hit the pillow you will immediately fall asleep. Waking up, my body feels fit.

Another effect is that the skin and face become brighter. The difference is very visible on the face. Like using skin care.

Which must be considered

For those who want to start exercising, I recommend using a trainer. The trainer knows the order of building muscle from anywhere. But if funds are limited because trainers are expensive, you can learn from YouTube. The trick is to understand the parts of the muscles such as the chest, shoulders, back, stomach, buttocks, thighs and legs. Learn what tools to use to train these muscles. Learn the sequences.

At the gym, don't be embarrassed to ask. Throughout my life, people at the gym have been so generous in sharing techniques, tips and tricks. People who are in the gym have the same frequency of supporting each other as fellow members.

Lift weights according to your ability to avoid injury. If there is a difficult technique, don't hesitate to ask for a spot of assistance from another member. They will be happy to accompany you.

I can do it, you can do it too !
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170 cm
94 kg
Body Fat
33 %


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