Tom Brady to reward fan who received his 600th TD with 1 BTC!

This story is entertaining in a lot of different ways. Football and crypto, wrapped within each other naturally. I wonder where we go from here as a society LOL.

This past Sunday, GOAT QB Tom Brady threw is 600th touchdown pass. Just an absurd stat. After the touchdown was scored the player that received the touchdown, Mike Evans, gifted a fan in the stands the ball. Evans was unaware just how special that touchdown was.


There's a lot of speculation and debate about what that fan should have or should not have done with the ball. Honestly, it's a fun scenario to try and imagine yourself in. That fan was just a regular fan going to a football game, and now Tom Brady's 600th TD pass was LITERALLY handed to him. I can't even imagine what was going through his head.

Despite Tom being a goat and being rich and famous and all of that, the ball still was technically owned by that fan. At the same time it's hard to imagine exactly how that fan was going to get out of that stadium with that ball....LOL.

Obviously, it did not take long for the fan to be approached and asked to give the ball back. The main debate in this story is whether the fan should have got some more money outta the deal. Negotiated more.

This fan, whose name is Byron Kennedy, did receive some compensation for the ball, but many people think what he received initially was WEAK. Once people realized what Byron got for the ball, the debate on what people would have done, kind of intensified. Honestly, I kind of get it too. The ball could have made this fan a millionaire.

What did the fan receive initially? Not millions, but still some pretty great stuff.

This is what the fan received:

  • Two signed jerseys + a helmet from Tom Brady
  • Signed Mike Evans jersey + game cleats
  • 1k Bucs Store credit
  • Season tickets for this season and 2022-23


Byron may not have become a millionaire from that loot, but that's still tremendous value. Also, who knows how some of that memorabilia will age. He could become a millionaire from those items.

Still, after all of that Tom Brady pulled out the CLUTCHEST move ever. In addition to those prizes the fan was awarded...

Tom is hooking him up with a freaking BITCOIN. Bro. I'm jealous.



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That Bitcoin alone will very likely make Byron Kennedy a millionaire if he hodls it.

WOW. Just imagine being that fan. Byron Kennedy. He showed up to a Bucs game, and left a sports legend. Yes, a sports legend. No matter how minor of a legend, he's a part of sports history now. Heck, he's a small part of Tom Brady's story!

While it's still debatable how much the fan could have pried out of Brady and the Bucs, all in all he got a lot of cool stuff, and an amazing memory. Besides, if this dude can afford tremendous seats at an NFL game like he did, I'm sure money is not a major worry in that guy's life. Those type of seats are expensive!

Tampa Tom keeps getting cooler and cooler, man. Just the fact that he's into crypto makes him cool.

Anyway, I think this was a cool story in every way. Two of my favorite things, NFL and crypto. Sports history, gifts and stuff. I mean heck, this is just more publicity for the crypto space as a whole.

I think this fan got PLENTY in return for Brady's 600th TD ball.

What do you think? Did the fan mess up, should he have gotten more? Or was he properly compensated?