Tom Brady to retire... or not?




This is just really hysterical to me I am literally laughing out loud in my apartment probably sounding like a lunatic.

It was reported earlier today that Tom Brady was going to retire, and he still might, but now there are a lot of interesting questions surrounding the legitimacy of this report. I was ready to make a whole post in memory of Brady's career and everything.

This just makes me laugh HARD. The absolute arrogance of media people and in particular ESPN's Adam Schefter is truly just AMAZING.

This video was released just a few minutes ago, look at Schefter (with bookshelf behind him) man. He kinda looks like he's about to cry he thought he had a huge story LMAO. The college basketball analyst is looking ANNOYED hahahahaha WOW.

Conflicting reports...... HAHAHAHAHA. ESPN you had one job...

I guess there are sources and people around Brady that claim he will retire but there are also conflicting reports that Brady is not even close to a decision and Brady has not even told the BUCS what he is going to do yet.

How is somebody going to report this without the GOAT actually saying he's done?

It seems ESPN's Adam Schefter is the first to report this and even if Brady does retire, the guy looks like a thirsty clown in my opinion. As soon as this report hit the news, the Tom Brady Career throwbacks and thank you posts started FLOWING in ALL OVER social media. Man.....

Is there any respect in this world? Can the greatest NFL player ever make this choice HIMSELF? These reporters want to be first so bad it's like CRACK to these people.

This situation is absolutely a perfect example at how idiotic the media is in general, not just in sports.


Where is the honesty is journalism, man?

Adam Schefter really wanted to make the decision FOR Brady it looks like....

The audacity of this report blows my mind. Schefter is supposed to be a top notch reporter LOL.

It just feels good because well, Schefter has been getting real cocky the past few years just in general.

I kinda hope Brady plays another year just to spite Adam Schefter. That would be great.

For all I know Brady is playing 4-D chess and has an agenda of some kind. Who knows really.

No matter what happens maybe this will humble some media folk in general.

If Schefter can make millions reading texts and reporting it on TV and then BE WRONG, why can't Hive bloggers have some success?.....


Did Schefter go to college for this? LOL

What do you think of this report?