The Titans select Virginia Tech CB Caleb Farley at #22 with the team's first round pick of the 2021 NFL Draft!

This is a great great pick at a serious position need for the Titans! Let's go!


A part of me sort of wanted the Titans to pick Elijah Moore because he's an exciting receiver from Ole Miss, and the Titans have had some great success picking receivers from Ole Miss (A.J. BROWN for example). Good thing I'm not a GM!

A part of me also paused initially because Caleb Farley just had some back surgery about a month ago and of course that's always sketchy a little.

But the more I think about the more I love this pick!

The Titans took a mild chance with drafting an injured Jeffery Simmons a few years ago, and he got healthy and became a STUD.

In addition, if anyone follows my Titans blog, or simply follows football, you will know how absolutely atrocious the Titans defense was at times in 2020.

So Caleb Farley is MUCH MUCH needed on this roster.

The Titans secondary was not the worst area on the defense, but really it wasn't that great. Also, the team lost a lot of secondary players in free agency this past off-season.

So all in all this was a very intelligent NEED pick.

Who is Caleb Farley?

If it wasn't for Farley's back surgery, Caleb Farley would not even be an option for the Titans at No. 22. Many people believe he would have easily been a top-ten pick! A lot of analysts believe he is the best corner in the draft period!

If Farley can properly overcome his injury/surgery and he can then live up to those type of projections then this is a huge pick for the Titans!

Caleb is a former quarterback, then a former receiver, and then he became an elite corner. That type of hard work and dedication to football makes him Titan material. Experience at other positions is hugely valuable and displays his versatility. It shows how natural of a football player he really is. I'm sure it helps his football IQ too.

I did a fair amount of research on the top prospects of the draft. I remember watching him play and loving his speed, ball-hawking ability and grit. It's odd to say that he has grit when he actually is NOT the most active tackler ever. But he just plays fast and plays with enthusiasm and energy and effort.

Here's what I think of when I think of Caleb Farley, from my own little bit of tape watching and from various reading sources and whatnot:

  • Great in man coverage, which the Titans do a lot of
  • Fantastic speed
  • Good versatility
  • Great mix of ball skills, and IQ, and effort

I could go on, but that seems like some major great positives out of this player!

Overall he seems like a guy with a lot of character. He has already faced some challenging times in his life, and I believe that those challenges will further mold him into a good man and player for the team!

The more I read and watch stuff about him, I am more excited! He's really a well rounded, electric player.

Here is one of my favorite analysts Chris Simms just raving about him!

A tweet by Simms after the Titans pick!


There really are a lot of analysts that love Farley! But this is just one of them.

I'm ecstatic! He seems like a hungry and motivated player. Seems mentally tough and strong!

I hope all of this hype translates to on the field success!!!!!

Welcome to Nashville Caleb! #Titanup!