Sweet Game Winning Touchdown Drive in OT vs the Vikings! - Madden 22 - Titans 42, Vikings 36

This was a pretty intense game! I am pretty sure I was down 30-16 or 30-19. It may have been even worse than that, I can't remember fully. I wish I had recorded it in full. I didn't even check to see if there were additional highlights! Oh well, I captured what I could, and the overtime period was pretty sweet.

This clip was almost scrapped on the very second play. I'll admit I got super lucky. That ball I threw should have been picked off! But hey, sometimes ya get lucky, LOL.

I took full advantage of that second chance though and drove right down the field!

  • QB Ryan Tannehill
    • 25/33 (75%) for 426 Passing Yards, 5TD - 1INT
      • 29 Rushing Yards
  • RB Derrick Henry
    • 7 Receptions for 141 Yards, 1 TD Reception
    • 27 Rushing Yards (5.4 YPC)
  • WR A.J. Brown
    • 4 Receptions for 103 Yards, 1 TD Reception
  • WR Julio Jones
    • 7 Receptions for 69 Yards, 1 TD Reception
  • WR N.W.I
    • Lone reception in OT was the GAME WINNING 35 YARD TOUCHDOWN
  • TE Anthony Firkser
    • 4 Receptions for 40 Yards

A.J., Julio, NWI (Nick Westbrook-Ikhine) AND Derrick each had a key grab on this final drive.

NWI specifically had the sweet game-winning touchdown and that was cool! He just blew right past everyone on defense! I don't always find NWI the ball on Madden since he's normally the fourth receiver. He's more of a role player for the Titans, but this past season in REAL life he had his best year by far!

NWI showed up on the Titans rather quietly as an undrafted free agent in 2020. But the guy has stuck despite his low-key beginning. He clearly earned the respect of the coaching staff and slowly but surely Titans fans are starting to like him as well.

NWI was mostly a special teams guy in 2020. In 2021, since the Titans were wrecked by injury he saw the field quite a lot. He had a career year catching nearly 40 passes with 38 to go along with 476 receiving yards and 4 touchdowns. Almost all 4's.

In 2022 with the Titans receiving core going through some changes, NWI finds himself sorta being the vet in the room. At the very least a TITANS vet that Tannehill is familiar with.

Perhaps NWI can take a serious step forward and be a strong number three receiver and perhaps even apply pressure as the two or higher? Anything is possible.

NWI has good size and speed. Really kind of a well rounded guy, just not alarmingly elite anywhere. Perhaps he does have higher end speed though I will give him that. Seems like a hard worker.

NWI's college days!

Mid-season interview from last year!

Interview from just about two months ago!

Off-season mic'd up!

Hopefully NWI has his best year in 2022!

Can't wait for the season, #Titanup!!!