Jorge Masvidal is having a rough March

Apparently Jorge Masvidal sucker punched Colby Covington in public?

Overall I'm still a fan of Jorge Masvidal. Also, I can't help but wonder if this is all fake news and just adds more hype and publicity to the Colby-Jorge rivalry. Before I would say more people liked Jorge, and Colby was more of the bad guy. Now it's a bit more 50-50 in that regard. Who knows anymore since the UFC is definitely an entertainment business and Colby already has shown interest in Pro Wrestling (WWE style). That's probably a rabbit hole for a different post.

A tiny tiny tiny tiny part of me is sort of entertained and not surprised by this move by Masvidal. It's pretty on brand. He likes to say he's a street dude and if he's got a problem with someone it's 'on sight'. You know, those vibes.

But man. Overall Masvidal looks like a clown and is essentially proving Colby right in a lot of ways. Like what a sore loser Masvidal is ya know?

How is Masvidal gonna actually sucker punch a dude he was just dominated by on an international stage? Does sucker punching Colby make him feel better? Embarrassing.

Personally I'm far from a perfect person, but I can take an L.

I get he likes to be a street dude, but I mean Masvidal has a lot to lose and the dude is 40 if you round up. Looks weird.

What does this actually prove if you're Masvidal? Literally any average strength individual could do what Jorge did.

Other than comedy and entertainment what does this do for Jorge?

On a sportsman note, this is just petty and childish. This sort of exposes and highlights Jorge's mental weakness.

Jorge had 25 minutes to do basically anything he wanted to Colby and he tries to redeem himself like a coward.

Masvidal was dominated but I mean it could have been worse. Jorge did catch and almost drop Colby once.

Maybe Masvidal is saying if it was a street fight, he would win? But come on bro Colby is a good fighter. I know boxing guys LOVE to say 'if this were a fight in a bar!.....'

Do people think grapplers/wrestlers can't grapple or wrestle in a bar? Lol.

I don't know man. My final thoughts are just disappointment. I guess it must be really painful losing to Colby Covington hahahaha.

People really taking Jorge's side says a lot. What a joke. Still a fan of Jorge, but this event in particular is pretty weak.



Dude I haven't seen one person on the internet defending Masvidal, the dude risks 1 year in prison for this shit. Especially now Covington is milking it, saying there were damage, that it's been a few days "he is not feeling well", this is gold for any lawyer. I also don't think the UFC is going to let that fly...

My take is, I am as flawed as Jorge, and if I bump into a dude that insulted me as a father, and let's say, I had a couple of drinks, I would probably do something stupid, but again, I understand that most people are calm and collected, I am the type to confront people from time to time 😄

That being said, It does sounds like I am trying to justify what Jorge did, which isn't possible, but there is a rule of the streets, you talk shit, you pay for it. Some guys died for less than that, just by speaking the wrong way to the wrong guy.

Not so long everyone was celebrating the "3 pieces & a soda" like it was a cute meme, but what people don't understand, is that Jorge is Jorge. For one thing, he actually is really consistent in the way he responds to threats, and when somebody talks shit. He is from Miami, truly, and learned how to fight in a backyard with guys like Kimbo.

This isn't a competitive environment; but a deadly one. I don't think Colby knows what's going on because he comes from a more traditional background, and isn't about the "gangster life", but about the work ethic that wrestlers are known to have. Now you're going to laugh, but I think that they are both very sentimental, Jorge has sheltered Colby for years, making sure he doesn't see that thug life too much, and considered him like a little brother, until he got crossed and then all hell break lose.

I am probably the only one thinking that sometimes the shit talking is just going too far, my wife was reminding me that Mcgregor threw a dolly at a bus, and could have badly injured everyone involved, and got just lucky the dolly aimed right on the frame of the bus, imagine a little bit on the right, it's in Rose's face, and Mcgregor goes to prison for aggravated assault, or even homicide. I can also imagine the retaliation of the Dagestanis afterwards, an all out war.

Again, all of these dissipates with time. Who remembers Chael Sonnen talking about invading Brazil on horseback against Anderson Silva?
Nobody... But at the time, it was the most shocking thing to say, meanwhile Silva and Sonnen were sometimes being seen laughing respectfully, so it was a different time.

Things got much darker since Mcgregor vs Khabib, somebody flipped the script hahah.


Thanks for your tremendous comment love hearing your thoughts!!

I'll admit I wrote this post while the story was pretty fresh so I may have been unaware of some particular details.

Colby does say a lot, and I agree with you I may get very mad too if I was in Jorge's shoes. Speaking on children and being a parent is pretty tough.

I will just say this I guess. When it comes to Colby, people don't even know how to treat him LOL. He did and continues to use strong words, but also people just say he's a joke and treat him with that 'eye-roll' attitude. Probably because pretty much everyone knows Colby is a character and pot stirrer. Jorge seems to fall in line with that attitude, for the most part anyway.

Jorge claims Colby is fake and this and that, if that's the case, then why is Jorge so bothered by Colby?

I think it is what you eluded to, the brotherhood and then betrayal is some potent stuff, and yeah Jorge acted accordingly to his values and culture and upbringing or whatever. The gangster mindset as you say.

I guess the timing of it all and the pain of the loss just got to Jorge. You bring up some good points. This is definitely a fascinating storyline.

Grudgingly, I do have a fair amount of respect for both of these guys. There are some very good similarities between these tow, as well as some pretty stark differences!

Hope they fight again!

You bring up some great points, thanks again for your input and thoughts! :D

Now Colby is on the Fullsend podcast with the Nelkboys I think? I gotta listen to that!