How my Lectric XP electric bike has been holding up after about 5 months


Just wanted to make a post sharing some thoughts about my Lectric XP bike, and how it's been helping my life!

The past year or so has been kind of tough, things are slowly getting better, thanks especially to my electric bike!

I absolutely needed a way to get around, I was seriously considering getting a traditional bike to get around, until I heard about these bad boys. I didn't even know electric bikes were a thing honestly!

As I said I used to get around on a normal bike, but man biking miles at a time is obviously physically draining, but also mentally draining. I used to bike 8 or so miles to my job, to then unload product off a truck for a department store for 6-8 hours, then catch a bus home since the buses where I live (probably most public buses have these) had bike racks. This routine was a serious pain in numerous ways.

So I heard about these bikes from an old co-worker and by the time I was home that night and just did a bit of research I was totally convinced I needed one. As soon as my tax return hit, I was buying this.

Man, this beautiful bike has been life changing.

I can go practically anywhere, anytime. No rides, no buses, no ubers, no walking, no regular biking. The money I save, is astounding.

It's the PERFECT middle ground between a car and well, not having a car. It's essentially a very slow vehicle, that doesn't require a license. I can reach speeds up to 28 mph. Also, since it's obviously not a car I can sorta just look both ways and go through red lights and things like that.

I can with ease I would say get 22 miles or more, depending on conditions and geographical circumstance, out of this baby until I must charge it.

There have been some bumps and bruises, several issues my own fault though unfortunately. I fell once, had some bumps a few times. My pedal doesn't work properly, and the chain is sorta messed up. I also had a few tire popping issues that were stressing me out for a little bit, until I realized I simply wasn't pumping the back tire enough.

I honestly just use the throttle nowadays since the pedal has been kinda screwed. I like it though, the battery doesn't get drained any faster than when I was pedaling. I can also keep a better eye on my surroundings when I use the throttle and/or cruise control.

Many of these problems can likely be fixed if I take it to a repair shop. But this bad boy still works fine getting me around, I'm not stressing it!

Overall, I am so happy I have this bike. They aren't too expensive and the company already has released a 2.0 version, which the only major difference being it comes with two baskets in front and back for cargo, which is indeed pretty sweet. I plan on hopefully getting one at some point! Then I will have two batteries, so that means more distance I can cover!

This bike has helped me be far more independent and just gives me freedom. No gas money, car insurance etc. Pretty sweet. When I use my backpack and the bike bag, I can really carry a fair bit of items. I literally picked up groceries this morning with this bike!!!

The possibilities are endless. This awesome bike has immensely changed and improved my life.


10/10 would recommend!

I really thank God everyday!

Even my boy likes to ride on it!

Many more miles to come!!

Hive on folks!