Fun victory over the Vikings! - Madden 23 🏈🎮

Had fun playing some Madden today. This is a game from New Year's Eve. My social life is absolutely BOOMING! Ha.

But yeah I love Madden so, I'm not complaining.

The Titans IRL are in a super weird position right now. I meant to make a video about it, but I was lazy unfortunately. Ugh. I will do it tomorrow though!!

Josh Dobbs looked solid against the Cowboys last week. So crazy that he's gonna be the starter after being on the team for just a handful of weeks. The dude is super smart though and I remember him being pretty good in college.

It's his chance to pull a Nick Foles baby!! If he led this Titans team to a Super Bowl victory, it'd be more impressive than Nick's run a few years back!

Dobbs is in Madden though, I will have to upload a Titans win using him at QB.


The big game is just a day and a half away.

But unfortunately I gotta go to my annoying ass job in a few hours. I should be sleeping. Ugh. Oh well, life is a bitch.