Baseball video games are insanely chill and fun

I am a very medium fan of video games. I mostly enjoy sports games if I'm being honest. There really hasn't been a sports game I haven't enjoyed. Madden, NBA 2K, MLB, UFC, NHL and even soccer games are pretty fun. I think I'm gonna buy an NHL game in the near future, why not.

Today though, I just plan on sharing my thoughts on baseball video games. I've enjoyed playing baseball video games since I was a kid.

Many people seem to hate baseball, and it's sort of freaky to me to see the sport lose as much popularity as it has in the past decade or two. Most people want action and speed and well, baseball is a sport of patience, suspense, skill and nuance I guess. The sport has it's explosive moments and really in some ways baseball is faster than many other sports if you consider that pitches can often exceed one hundred miles per hour.

That being said, baseball's lack of speed also kind of makes the sport the most chill sport in my opinion. Swinging a bat and pitching a pitch on a beautiful spring day is pretty amazing fun. When you then make this sport into a video game, it can make for hours of relaxing gaming.

Playing a baseball game is just such a wonderful contrast from most video games that are high speed and just basically a mini workout of fast paced button pressing and adrenaline. Not all games are like this of course. But sometimes I don't want to be shot at or chased. I just like to watch a pitch and swing.

It's pretty hard to sell baseball to non-baseball people. It's just such a nice game.

Before MLB The Show '19 I hadn't played a baseball video game in a long long time. Let me tell ya, baseball games have come a long way since I was a kid.

The career mode is just wonderful. I'm not sure if the career mode includes Single A minor leagues, but I know it includes AA, AAA and of course the MLB. This inclusion of the MLB's farm system is just AMAZING. Not only can you play with your favorite pro team, you can even play at the local level and play for real minor league teams! I played on my local minor league team in the game and man, something about that was just so cool. I can't even explain it. I've seen so many Reading Phillies games growing up. Nowadays the Reading Phillies are known as 'The Fightin' Phils'. The Fightins are the Philadelphia Phillies' minor league squad.

In this little screenshot, I'm playing with the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, the Phillies' AAA minor league squad. I have never gotten around to seeing an Iron Pigs game but I am well aware of them and would love to catch a game one day. FT6Q5bkXoAAxqx2.jpg

Progressing in this career mode is so fun. It really shows how great the MLB farm system is. I don't think the stadiums are really true replicas of the actual minor league stadiums, but the stadiums still look great and the landscapes look pretty northeastern to me. I love it. I did a Phillies career, I wonder if I chose the Rockies I would see more mountains, or if I chose the Dodgers it would be sunnier and have more beachy vibes. I gotta try it sometime.

In between games you see the team's clubhouse or locker room or whatnot. You even see the team bus as the team travels between games.

This game is really visually stunning. The day and night difference is so great. The skies always look on point and different. You can literally see the clouds moving. The weather in general is just portrayed wonderfully in this game. In baseball, teams normally play each other three or even four games in a row. This game is realistic in that, if it's raining one day, it's often rainy most of the entire series. These little details go a long way for me.

The beauty of the game just adds to the chillness. It really feels like a real life career. Like a real world.


When I finally made it to the big leagues, it felt like a real step up! The stadiums are just great and so are the crowds.

In the minors the team commuted by bus. The big leaguers use the planes and man that just felt cool. You can hear the hum of the plane and the various dings. Reminded me of the few times I've flown on a plane. Just cool vibes.

This sky is just awesome!

This game is now like three years old but I truly don't care. The game of baseball itself is great. This 2019 game gives me awesome nostalgia from past games while also displaying some modern improvements I obviously didn't get to enjoy back in 2005.

I could forget about this game and play it again in 2030 and still enjoy the heck out of it. This game is super replayable.

The game doesn't feel like it's trying to hard while also being remarkably detailed. Not to mention the game itself is just beautiful looking.

I'm not sure why I made this post, I just really appreciate this game.

There are so many little details I like about this game. I could really get lost in this game. Just have several twenty year careers. LOL.

Playing this game, putting on a video or podcast in the background, havin' a smoke, is just a fantastic way to waste the day away. There's also just something weirdly cool about playing on 'older' game. Of course this game isn't exactly old. But in the sports video game world, three years can be an eternity. I still get a lot of joy out of this game, so I see no need to buy the newest version. Video games are art, and I really appreciate this work of art.



I've never liked watching baseball, in fact I think it's one of the most boring sports in the world, but in video games baseball is a marvel.


Yeah you'd have to play or grow up watching baseball to really get it.


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