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When you get sick he calls, when he gets sick, he still calls you.

You have plenty airtime on your phone, but he calls you several times a day just to check up on you. Even when you don't have airtime, he still calls.
Your birthday comes, he spoils you and buys you expensive gifts. When his birthday comes, he forgets his and takes you out to dinner or lunch.
He sends you money and calls to confirm if you have received a message alert. But you only flash him to confirm.
Here you are, sitting, now feeling angry and scolding him that he hasn't called you for the past one week.
If only he could tell you that you are the queen of his world, you will then understand why he works so hard.

He takes you out for lunch, takes care of your bills, you dressed better than him on that day and you complained that he has dressed inappropriately to go out with you.

Yet he manages to arrange for your transport safe back home whiles he walks on foot to his own home.
He secretly borrows money from friends when he has run out, just to give you the kind of world he thinks you deserve in his heart.
He first saw you with your girlfriends and asked if you could be friends.
You rudely snub and shame him Infront of your friends, because you said he is not your type of man.
He chose never to give up on you and kept chasing you until he won your love and married you.
Today you are his wife. You have started comparing him to other men.
Because of this, he is out of the house by 5 am and home by 8 pm. You say that he has no time for you anymore. He doesn't give you the attention you deserve as a wife, a woman and a mother.
So you have planned on leaving him and the marriage with the children.

No one has a perfect relationship anywhere in this world. Whether you are a woman or man, a couple or single. Cherish your relationships and help it blossom and grow.
Stop looking outside your window, wishing you had others' beautiful window.
When you can simply clean and wash your windows to be clean too.

Dear wife, that man who once did all these wonderful things for you still needs you to be the wife by his side again.

Dear husband, you are still that woman's knight in shining armour. You are her security and protection. If you can talk to her heart and calm her anxiety, she will be the woman you desire again.

Your impact in your relationship determines your value not your presence

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