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Anyone who breathes and lives in this world has as much inferiority as the mustard seed, however handsome. What I affirm and say is because I live in competition. It is also very fierce and fierce competition.

Everyone, regardless of anyone, lives in a group of people who have a corner that is missing at least one part, but ironically pursues perfection in themselves. In the first place, this may be absurd logic, but it is.

In order to pursue perfection in a place where people are imperfect, we have no choice but to fall into the swamp of competition, and in order not to be eliminated in it, we must crawl in order to survive. Otherwise, you may not be able to get out of the swamp forever, and you may end up being unable to breathe.

Yes. Feelings of inferiority may be a way of survival. Even if you pay the same money and finish your studies with courses that other people are taking, no matter how hard you suffer in your area of ​​specialization, in fact, the VIP is not me, but someone else. No matter where you confide in such unfair play, life is lonely and your heart is frustrating, so the next best thing you can do is have someone's feelings of inferiority.

It's just a moment to gossip about anyone and ignore his career. It might be fine at least once on the low-water side, if you've had experience opening the chest for a while.

However, there were people who kicked their tongues saying that those with such thoughts had an inferiority complex. Previously, have you ever thought about how frustrated that person was? Have you ever tried to count the contradictory feelings when life is not going well even though you live desperately, you find comfort even though you know it is wrong. I wonder if understanding is more important than blaming and pointing. If you can, while patting ... And now, speak envy instead of the humble words that gently make you feel bad.

Those who have long held envy in their hearts ... That's a lot of work. I applaud the generous encouragement and applause before the boiling heart. I hope that fertility will bear fruit in that desire. You can handle it. And you can surpass him who is good at going. Even if you are no longer a jealous person, you are valuable only for your existence. In the future, I hope you have the courage to take one more step in your heart at this time and applaud those you envy. If that job motivated you to move, I wouldn't want more.

And there. You are the envy of many people. I am sure you will know through the admiration of the world how great you are. Do you know how many of your extraordinary talents have created a sense of inferiority? Of course, I'm not saying it's your fault.

Now spread your wings wider and forward. Instead, always be gentle and humble. If you just believe in the big wing and keep moving forward, one day you can get tired and fall, so take a break from time to time. And always be grateful that you are the one who creates envy in others.

In fact, neither envy nor envy can be considered superior or inferior. but. The two of them are definitely lacking, so if there was an attempt to cooperate with each other to be reborn into better beings, wouldn't everyone be in a good situation?

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