Welcome to LasseCash

Rewarding anarchy, crypto and truth.

Dynamic inflation

Inflation will be dynamically decided by tribe leader after the first 2 years (per the 24/4 – 2021). Probably decided each year. If new stuff comes out, like DeFi on Hive Engine, then it can be changed anytime to provide the best possible features for the tribe. Inflation is dynamically changed in a responsible way, to create the best conditions and hopefully higher prices for LasseCash.

Since Hive Engine is still working on Diesel pool rewards given by account, then the inflation will continue to be 1750000 LASSECASH per year for now (given 100% via proof of brain).

As soon as Hive Engine are ready, we will implement Diesel pool rewards and change the inflation accordingly. The max 51 millions ever, 20 millions for the first 10 years and 20 million forever thereafter stands for always.

In other words, rewards for liquidity providing via Diesel pools are postponed into to the unknown future.

Notes on distribution

If you compare to any other tribe, then they all have a huge token supply, often issued millions or billions more then LasseCash. This is in our view not serious, as scarcity of a token is very important for the tribe members valuation. As an example Bitcoin has 21 million max coins ever and with LasseCash its max 51 millions tokens ever. In effect LasseCash is much more scares then HIVE and all other tribes, which all have an ever expanding token supply with potentially a lot of inflation. parameters and liquidity rewards

We tweaked the parameters of the to be more successful then HIVE and all other tribes. The powerdown time is 26 payments every 7 day over 6 months. This is made to incentivize longterm mentality. Furthermore the payout ratio is 90% LASSECASH POWER and 10% LASSECASH, this is another huge difference from HIVE.

Diesel pool rewards are payout on a weekly basis (When it comes), depending on how much liquidity you provide to the SWAP.HIVE/LASSECASH pool.


Each account get s a badge depending on how much LASSECASH POWER they have:


Lasse as leader of LasseCash

Lasse Ehlers is naturally the leader of the LASSECASH tribe and will be the one to resolve any potential dispute or drama, since he has the biggest stake.

Legal disclaimer

Expect no profit of the work of others. Invest and use at your own risk.