Welcome to LASSECASH

We created this place to be a more personal space for smaller content creators and bloggers.

Here you have the option to be part of something from the start and getting a decent stake does not cost much, here in the beginning stages.

LASSECASH is like HIVE, you can blog from either www.lassecash.com, hive.blog or any other condenser site, as long as you use the ‘lassecash’ tag in your post’s tags box, then the post will appear at the HIVE blokchain and on the LASSECASH condenser site.

Purpose of LASSECASH

Rewarding truth content, social interaction and personal posts. The original idea was to create a space for anarcho capitalists to monetize their content, but the first half year of LASSECASH’s life has shown that we attract all kinds of people, that just want to have fun and earn money at the same time. For this reason, we think that LASSECASH reward social interaction more then truth content.


We operate with the K.I.S.S. model (Keep It Simple Stupid). So the distribution is quite simple. Initially 20 million is the first 10 years of rewards, distributed from @lassecash via the scotbot.

20 million is for rewards after 10 years period. The reason for this, is that blockchain tech evolve so fast, so it is good to have these extra tokens set aside for after the first 10 years.

The Scotbot is a creation of the HIVE ENGINE team and they distribute LASSECASH for each post.

11 million is allocated for promotion and profit for Lasse Ehlers (@lasseehlers). As we write this there are ~9.4 million in @lasseehlers's account, so already ~1.6 million has been used for promotions.

If HIVE SMTs or any other project show a better technology then current HIVE ENGINE tribes, then LASSECASH can be swapped to such a new technology, but for now we are very happy with the HIVE ENGINE tribe technology.

If you compare to any other tribe, even the APPICS token, then they all have a huge token supply, often issued millions or billions more then LASSECASH. This is in our view not serious, as scarcity of a token is very important for the tribemembers valutation of the token. As an example Bitcoin has 21 million max coins ever and with LASSECASH its MAX 51 millions tokens ever. In effect LASSECASH is much more scares then HIVE and all other tribes (including APPICS), which all have an ever expanding token supply with inflation.

Scotbot parameters

We tweaked the parameters of the Scotbot to be more successful then HIVE. The powerdown time is 26 payments every 7 day over 6 months. This is made to incentivize longterm mentality. Furthermore the payout ration is 90% LASSECASH POWER and 10% LASSECASH, this is another huge difference from HIVE.

Lasse as leader of LASSECASH

Lasse Ehlers is naturally the leader of the LASSECASH tribe and will be the one to resolve any dispute or drama, since he has the biggest stake.