Social media with rewards. Its a token to the HIVE blockchain administrated by a Scot.Bot.

Who is behind LASSECASH?

Lasse Ehlers contributed with the name, idea and face for LASSECASH. LASSECASH is developed by the HIVE-ENGINE TEAM and @zaxan made all graphics. The community of LASSECASH consist of all the users of LASSECASH, who owns the platform in the form of LASSECASH POWER.

Do I need a wallet to use and hold LASSECASH?

Yes, you need a HIVE wallet, there are several ways to create a HIVE wallet.

I have a different question, where do I ask it?

You can ask it at the LASSECASH Discord server, the link is here:

Are my Hive keys safe on the site?

We recommend using the browser add-on "Hive keychain" (only works on chrome browser and brave browser) for your Hive keys. It's open source and trusted by a large group of people.