Traveling the World #217 - The Big Banana @ Coffs Harbour, Australia

Hi Everyone,

Coffs Harbour is a popular stopover for those who are driving from Sydney to the Gold Coast or Brisbane. Although it is just over half way of the drive, people stop here as it they can visit The Big Banana. The Big Banana is a water park with a few other rides. It’s an iconic symbol of Coffs Harbour and there are many one day tours from Sydney just to visit this park. During our drive from Sydney to the Gold Coast over the Christmas holiday, our intention was to make a quick stop and let the kids visit the Banana. We don’t have time to check out the water park with the water pretty gloomy when we arrived hence there weren’t many visitors when we stopped over.


The park has a nice cafe for people like us to stop over and have a quick meal, a stretch and a toilet break. There is also a games room for the kids if they need to release any extra energy they have as many people who stop over likes us don’t go into the water park. Due to COVID, we told the kids we won’t be playing in that room just in case.

IMG_3200 (1).JPG

IMG_3201 (1).JPG

We did do the touristy thing which was take a family photo in front of the Big Banana. Luckily there was no line as the weather was pretty gloomy so we quickly took a few snaps and went back upstairs. Inside the banana, there is a small exhibition free of charge with some of the history of the Big Banana and how it was built. BB M was pretty interested with everything which was a great start to our holiday.


IMG_3204 (1).JPG





After we went through the banana, we went to check out the gift store. There were loads of gifts you can buy and our kids got something each to mark their visit. We also got a magnet for our fridge, a tradition we have to buy one at every place we visit. Around the park, there are other stores you can visit which is not related to the Big Banana like an Opal store or a sweet store.




Although we didn’t go into the park, I took a picture of the pass you can purchase if you want to spend the day there. The pricing is pretty expensive considering the park isn’t too big and comparing to Movie World or Seaworld at the Gold Coast, it doesn’t look too exciting. There were lots of free parking available but I would imagine it does get pretty busy if the weather was better and tourists were able to visit without COVID restrictions. It was a lovely stop over from a long drive and the kids thought it was amazing to see a giant fruit in the middle of a town.




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You just brought a lot of good memories back by sharing this post. Back when we did our Roadtrip through Australia we stayed at this place for lunch. Thanks for sharing this 😀