Last day at Brookstone's high school

It was the last day of the school session and of course the last day for the grade twelve students.

The weather was peaceful and quiet, only birds could be heard chirping and few cars moving in and out of the estate. Aliya woke up after her alarm rang for the second time. She peeped out through her window and realized that the sun was out already.


She smiled as she jumped out of bed and surveyed her prom gown which had been neatly hung in her wardrobe. She looked at herself in the mirror, twirled and suddenly stopped.

On her face were written worries, she wasn't smiling anymore as she walked backwards slowly and sank into her bed. A bead of tear dropped from her eyes and she wiped it off immediately her door was flung open.

"Hey Aliya"! Her little brother called "today is your big day and I know you're gonna have the fun of your life. I can't wait to grow up like you and be done with high school too you know"! His big round eyes glittered as he ran towards her and hugged her. "I'll miss you when you go to college" he slouched a little and blushed.

Aliya didn't know how to react to all her brother said, she just pulled him closer to herself and ran her hands through his hair. "I'll miss you too Jack and you know that".

"Awwn, brother and sister bonding" their mom said from the door where she leaned against the frame watching them with glittering eyes. "Alright, it's breakfast time"!!!

"Breakfast timeeeeeeee, I love breakfast! What are we having today mom?" Jack asked his mom as he dashed out of the room to the dining table.


Aliya moved her feet slowly and her mom had her gaze fixed on her face. When Aliya was about to walk out the door,her mom blocked the way with her hands crossed from one end to the other and she spoke; "You gotta cheer up, you don't know what lies ahead for you". She paused for a while and spoke again "Your makeup artist should be here anytime soon so eat up and get ready. Remember you're giving the speech today so don't flop!" They both walk to the dining room to Join Jack who was already munching his toast bread and scrambled eggs.

To be continued!!!