The African Way


I for one believe every continent has one thing that it's been known for, it's unique feature. And for most people who live with their African parents in Africa (especially Nigeria) you all would agree with me that the last thing an African parent would ever permit their child to have is a boyfriend/girlfriend. The only time you're permitted to bring a woman to your dad's house as a man is when you're of the age of marriage. Hardly would you see an African parent who would agree to their kids having sleep overs or doing anything that involves their kid being alone for a long period of time without them supervising.


And that is why every kid wants to go school in a university very far away from home where they can do whatever they want without anybody objecting to it. Then they start doing every one of those things their parents had prevented them from doing. Total freedom.

My friends and I were having a discussion on the amount of restrictions African parents place on their kids. Some of us said it wasn't always a good thing while the others objected. They felt such restrictions were needed to prevent the child from doing certain things a child shouldn't be doing. We were still on the issue when one of my friends decided to tell us a story a friend of his had once told him.

He said his friends had invited this certain lady over to his place to come spend the night. He didn't really know the lady that well. They had met about a few days ago and it was obvious the lady was after his money and him, her body. So the lady had arrived as planned and both of them had gone out to a restaurant to go have a nice meal. The dude knew what he had to do to get what he wanted and he wasn't holding back. He wanted her to see that there was a lot of money to go round if only she gave him what he wanted.

After eating, they both went back to the his place and it was finally time. He was already taking off his clothes when the lady started convulsing on his bed. The sudden irregular movement from the lady took him offguard and it had taken helps from his neighbors to revive her back. She later reviewed that she was epileptic. The whole thing had been so terrifying that the guy refused to sleep on the same bed with her. He was afraid a touch from him could trigger another epileptic attack, so he slept on his couch.

My friend had told us that story in other to tell her how risky sleepovers can be but by the time he was done with his story, he had no idea he had just succeeded in changing our minds about letting people see over at our place.

But then I knew the fear was only going to last for a minute and then they will be back to inviting girls over.