Nose breathing, brings better sports performance and better recovery!


Breath, the new science of a lost art

James Nestor, investigative journalist has done immense research on how we breathe, what the physical, mental and physiological benefits are on our health. And wrote a book about it! And the results are astonishing. Most of us are breathing wrong for a long time. We don't nose breathe enough. We should try making nose breathing subconscious, by practicing it consciously. It helps us relax and oxygenize our bodies more, and consequently also our minds. Nose breathing gives our bodies more oxygen on the same breath, and makes us breathe slower. This can give people with anxiety and panic attacks a lot of relief. But there is more...

It gives us better performance sportively. We deliver better performance by breathing through the nose. And even more, we recover faster when we sport breathing through the nose. This podcast that I watched was very interesting, and will make me definitely buy the book.

You can watch the podcast here: