SunsetPhotography : Early Sunset in 2022, love the family

Hello friends, hunters, photography lovers, the #sunsetphotography community, this time I'm back to sharing the sunset shot that I took a few days ago, and indirectly I took this ordinary sunset by the beach while playing with children to entertain and while playing in salt water very exciting and fun for me and the kids with Cera smartphone shots that friends can see some pictures that I try to share below.

Some of the sunset pictures that I took are my wife and children, which I deliberately saved for memory in early 2022, and so I can look back at any time and I have also introduced hive to my wife for a long time and have understood part of the current blogchang.






So for now, my post, friends, on other occasions, I hope you can always be well active in the community created by the admin and several other teams for which I also want to thank some of the people below:

thanks to Admin
@duwiky, and built by @hawai-macro 👉 #pobmacro


Best Regards
#Hivers world


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