What Are The Possibilities For Next Bull Run What Will Ignite It

We have all seen the fall, when would we witness the next bullish run?. Some questions which the crypto market would answer in couple of weeks or days, the primary crypto bitcoin is trying to establish support with it trading within $15k to $16k.
Well if has been projected that bitcoin is going to see the bottom if it’s unable to hold support which it has recently established.


So the coming bullish market, what’s going to influence it is something of discussion on Rekt capital social platform twitter. The capitalist says that the next bullish run will be influenced by traders behavior, which might cause them to miss out in the next bullish market run.

“People doubting if BTC will experience another Bull Market is exactly what is needed for one to happen
BTC Bull Markets are built on FOMO [fear of missing out]
To FOMO into an uptrend, you need to feel you are missing out
And strong bearish convictions will make you miss out.”

Looking at the market prices psychology it seems the Market BTC June lows is now acting at a resistance level bitcoin.

“BTC June lows were once a support
Now June lows are acting as resistance
In terms of psychology, people were willing to buy at June lows
But now people are much more willing to sell at June lows
How things have changed within a few months.”

Stating that the bitcoin market will take couple of months to settle before a bullish trend might begin.

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