A Year of Democrat Hysteria In The USA

Democrats December 2019: Trump is racist, see what he said about immigrants bringing drugs, crime and diseases to the border? He must be impeached for being a lying bigot.

Democrats January 2020: Trump you're being racist for your rhetoric against Chinese people and this far away virus, I'm going to go to New York City to join them during the Chinese New Year since you're a bigot.

Democrats February 2020: WTH TRUMP WHY DIDN'T YOU HALT INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL. We're getting the VIRUS!

Democrats March 2020: Trump is an evil fascist and look how stupid he is for not taking the virus seriously.

Democrats April 2020: OMG TRUMP PLEASE LOCKDOWN THE COUNTRY! Forget the anti-lockdown protesters, they are spreading the virus, we want LOCKDOWNS.

Democrats May 2020: OMG George Floyd was killed by the racist police! We must run outside to "peacefully protest".

Democrats June 2020: egad more anti-lockdown protesters, how dare they support civil liberties! Evil nasty bigots. Now excuse me while I run outside to throw this molotov.

Democrats July 2020: See this "study" said that BLM protests don't spread the virus, only republican protests do.

Democrats August: Thats what you get Trump... Suspension from Twitter for spreading false information about a very serious virus that we ignore the lockdowns of because social justice.

Democrats September 2020: See this "study" said BLM were mostly peaceful, just ignore the flames and destroyed black and brown communities yesterday, we did this to give those same communities a voice, and one less CVS and Police Station oppressing them.

Democrats October 2020: Trick Or TREAT! What BLM riots?

Democrats November 2020: Trump LOST, yaaaaay now we get Joe "You ain't black" Biden!

Democrats December 2020: BLM riots never happened and if they did, "riots are just the voices of the unheard"

Democrats January 2021: OMG how could those "INSURRECTIONISTS" try to form a political coup. Rioting is an attack on our DEMOCRACY!

These Democrats really think we're not paying attention to them and their delusional state of mind...