Invisible Woman - One of my Favorite Comic Characters...



Who doesn’t like female superhero charcters – they are amazing aren’t they?... Of course they are and that is why they are also one of the top comic characters. Even though male superhero characters are getting a lot more attention as far as comic superhero characters are concerned. Invisible Woman also known as Susan Storm is one of the amazing superhero characters that makes it into my list of favorite characters. The name invincible woman says a lot about her powers and abilities. Unlike a lot of other superhero characters with a lot of super powers, invincible woman doesn’t have that much powers and abilities but her abilities are very effective which makes her very powerful.

People tend to underestimate her powers but she is really powerful and even without using her super powers, she is still pretty a strong fighter. Her main powers and abilities are basically invincibility and force field ability. She has the powers and also ability to bend light waves allowing her to make herself and other objects invisible as well. She can create a force field as well. She is definitely a superhero you wouldn’t want to mess with as she has all it takes to kick asses. Not only about her powers, she also has amazing personality which makes her very likable and for me, she is definitely one of my favorite comic characters.