How is it the twentieth already...... Time flies. Time easily gives me the most anxiety ever.

But other than time and the lil drop in Hive price, life is ok enough. I heard from some article on Hive that there could be a quick dip before a new all time high, so I'm gonna cross my fingers that that's what is happening, either way I'm honestly not stressing it.

Spoke with my son before school, which felt great! He loves being next to his little bro. Pretty cute.

He's also happy he got a new Nintendo Switch Lite from his grandmother. It was a pleasant morning overall!

I'm glad he's in school after this stupid Covid precaution.

The Titans won yesterday in a thrilling overtime win in Seattle against the Seahawks and man nothing is better than waking up on Monday after your favorite team wins!

I think today will be a good day. Hive on folks.