Idiotically, I am awake. But I was not unproductive I guess. Made some posts.

I should really be sleeping, then again I shouldn't be lazy. I walked so freaking much today. Just so annoying man. I walked easily 10+ miles. I had to. Walking to and from work is exactly six miles, and then walking around work constantly has to add up.

I walked home in the rain man. Just awful. Just nuts. I hate it man LOL. It's been raining for DAYS.

Can't believe it's August already. I miss my son so much.

Work has been weird, but who cares. That's where I make money, and that's that. I did well yesterday too. Put away some magazines, a few totes, and I swept and mopped the entire store.


Hive is up. That's one good thing. I'm so numb to good news or bad news, I just have no expectations, but it really is kinda fun to see that.

How Hive is not gigantic, boggles my mind.

It's cool though, I am over trying to understand why.

I have to work three more days, and then I have two days off, two days on, two days off. So the mission is to just grind through these days like a machine. Hope for the best. Payday Friday, I need to buy a bunch of important crap.

Oh yeah, I have to walk some bonus miles today too. Holy crap.

I need sleep. Blah. Hive on folks.