I don't know if Autumn is coming or what. But yeah, it's been feeling sorta like 10-15 percent cooler lately.

I'm up at a weirdly early time and it's a bit odd. I might take advantage of this opportunity though. Make a post, maybe start reading finally.

I've been having some reoccurring dreams lately. Like almost as if they are continuing day to day, at least a bit. Involving loose teeth, my ex, some new chick I've seen a few times, the old house, even travelling. I looked up the loose teeth thing, and well there's nothing exactly good there when it comes to that. The other aspects aren't too mysterious. So odd I am having this reoccurring dream though. Not something that usually happens to me.

Yeah man, I'm so pumped to be heading to work again tomorrow! More than 24 hours from now, but still! I might try to stay really busy till then, maybe not. I am awake, but still a bit tired. With another power nap in I can maybe try and read an entire book maybe?? That's a bold move though. We shall see.

I can't wait to work and get my son more of the things he wants. Sucks I can't give him the world, yet! Lol.

Might just play a bit of Madden quick and sleep a few more hours. Or make a Madden post too, then another post and then start reading.

One more day then the work grind begins! I'm gonna be ready and eager to work! Hive on folks.