It's actually the seventh, but my internal clock has been pretty much jacked up since I'd say 2009 or so LOL. So I am just writing for the past day or so. Screw it.

My internal clock got even more screwy when my job randomly decided to insert a first shift shift when I normally always am scheduled for second shift. Gross. I got through it though, barely.

Getting more hours is nice. I am basically caught up with bills. I love Hive. This community has helped so much.

I am afraid I will miss a lot of tonight's UFC action, but I am hoping to catch the last few big fights. I hope the UFC production moves slow and every fight goes to a decision so I can maybe catch a LOT of the fights LOL. I did write a post that I am proud of though. Just trying to keep the posts flowing despite my own fatigue,

I was utterly exhausted last night but I BARELY managed to somehow listen through most of the Sixers BIG Game Three victory over the Heat! Embiid playing with some serious injuries is some beautiful and inspiring stuff man. If he can manage to win the Finals that would be MINDBLOWING and legendary, MJ flu game stuff.

Embiid's eye is pretty much literally broken. Plus he had a conussion. Sheesh, inspiring stuff. The mask looks kinda cool though HA.

Let's go Sixers!!!

Back to work soon. Need some sleep. I had a four hour, nap? Extended nap? HA. Gonna grab like four or five more hopefully. Possibly more. I need it. I feel some energy, but I have been pretty busy.

Hey at least on Hive I can always write away and earn if I can't sleep LOL.

Ugh I miss my son, but I do this for him and I am hoping he comes over tomorrow. I know I will see him soon, I'm lucky his mom is nice about bringing him over a lot.

It's been RAINING. Hopefully it stops before I gotta walk to the bus stop.

Always something on my mind. But I think I will end this one here.

Thank God I can write and I have shelter and I'm alive. Hive on folks.