Sarcasm {An Original Poetry}


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Be not dismayed,
suffer no heartbreak
when flowers bloom
and in the month of May
when I draw closer
to death like a sheep
to the slaughter,
tomorrow may come
and oxygen becomes luxury
I can no longer afford,
no fears! I will pen
down a dirge,
to keep me company
as my end nears.


Sad but happy,
I represent Irony,
though in human form,
I represent the living,
though a weak one,
if dying is palatable,
then pain is remarkable,
but watch closely the tears
like flows
in the bloodstream,
endlessly storming
these great still eyes.


Witnessed life’s twist
and tragedies,
nightmares lurks in
my subconscious
as I slip gradually into
total oblivion,
locked away in a
dreamlike prison
where poison is the new
cool thing,
so I won’t close both eyes until
I was sure they won’t open
till eternity,
I won’t escape in smoke
until I’ve crossed my I’s and T’s,
maybe smile will at this
point elude me,
as I stare at that golden coffin
that will ferry me
into the afterlife.


And when I die,
push forward the aches,
let it scatter,
watch me wander
across endless oceans,
like birds aiming free
in the wind,
times will change
and days will fade,
but I will be no more,
only the memories we shared
will live on.

Written and edited
By @aduragbemi
Erinkitola Aduragbemi
1st April, 2020.

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