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If I ever will bare my soul,
paint those thoughts
in the colour of ash,
spew those verses,
tend those feelings
like a garden of geraniums.
I'd write a poem,
a real poem this time,
to unearth buried hatchet,
polished up performances
that will send countless
into oblivion.

Why oblivion, you'd ask...
If there's anything to remember
about a wasteland,
definitely not tales like the Trojan horse,
for the world is a stage
where people are easily entertained
by pain, awed by monotonous wail
called symphony.

Skies of blue is the colour
of day. At sunset hour when all
meets with darkness of the earth,
listen to rhythms in praise
of the moon's benevolence,
and maybe cries of newborn
that sings into the night.
And when nightly serenity forms
a canopy to keep us intact,
puts us in a position of rest,
away from the toil of
morning through evening,
and moonlight tales to soothe
daylight burdens.

Cheers to those sent to sleep
by the softness of lullabies.
Howbeit! Maybe happiness is indeed free.

Here's to fundamental;
is it safe to say light
is desirable and darkness is corrupt?
like skin pigment philosophy,
just another misconception that
fuels racism, carnal and shallow
mindedness, little did we know
that there's often beauty in darkness
and likewise, so much profanity
for false lights. So I mean to ask,
does truth have any colour in particular?
Therefore, let's find balance,
embrace nature and all of Earth's
inhabitants, seek new knowledge,
ask questions, adopt a little mildness
and a little wildness.

Let the branches not forget the root
and likewise the root not the branches
And all sea, river and ocean- their source.

If I ever will bare my soul,
I will tame the word philosophy,
scribble those letters on flipped
pages bared in words of wisdom,
I will conjure those words, pour
all into lines of poetry.
poems no living gets to read.
verses beyond reach
where I'd hope no one finds it.
I told my truth, shared my views
about a few imbalances, and just
maybe one day, I will have
the courage to finish what I started.
Until then, I stand with the colour of night
and the serenity that comes with it,
oftentimes they keep my sanity.

Written and edited
By @aduragbemi
Erinkitola A. Aduragbemi
2nd July, 2020

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